Liberty 5 v5.0c Release Notes

Backup Utility 18


Corrected an issue that caused the wrong backup path to be saved when creating a scheduled backup task. This issue was only present if the backup path for a one-time backup (the Backup Path found under the Backup tab) differed from the scheduled backup path.


The "Create Task" button, found under the Schedule tab of the Backup Utility, can no longer be clicked when no days are selected.


When backing up manually, a default filename is autopopulated. It is of course possible to use a different filename for this backup.


Adjusted the layout of the Restore tab.


Corrected a screen formatting issue that occurred when launching a backup from the Inventory Module.


A Schedule tab has been added to the Liberty Backup Utility (RWDBack). All settings related to scheduled automatic backups have been relocated to the Schedule tab. Additionally, the Schedule tab includes the new Clean Up features that have been added to this release. With this reorganization, it is now much more clear that the Scheduled Backup settings for "Backup the following items" and "Backup Path" are completely separate from settings used for a one-time backup.


The Liberty Backup Utility (RWDBack) now includes options to automatically remove older backups. Options have been added to remove backups older than a certain number of days, or to limit the total storage size of the backup folder (by removing older backup files). The most recent backup will never be removed by these cleanup settings. The controls for this feature, found under the new Schedule tab, include a Test tool that will display the currently existing files that would be removed with the specified settings, without actually removing anything, as well as a "Clean Up Now" button that removes old files based on the specified settings. The Clean Up only considers and only removes files previously created by an automatic backup, based on the naming convention used for the files.


Revised the handling of scheduled task creation for servers with Windows' User Access Control (UAC) enabled. The changes will ensure that the Windows Scheduled Task is created correctly without having to run RWDBack as an Administrator.


The Liberty Backup Utility (RWDBack) now uses a batch file for scheduled tasks, rather than Backup.exe. Backup.exe, which a few anti-malware software packages picked up as a false positive for a generic Trojan, has been removed from the Liberty installer.


The Liberty Backup Utility (RWDBack.exe) now properly backs up the AuctionTemplates folder when the option to backup Templates is selected.


The Liberty Backup Utility now backs up and restores subfolders (along with their contents) found in the AuctionTemplates folder.


The Liberty Backup Utility (RWDBack.exe) now properly checks saved settings to determine if Signature data should be included in backups.


The Backup Utility (RWDBack.exe) now properly treats backup files using a file extension containing capital letters (such as ".7RBK") correctly.


The Restore Database routine now makes a backup of the current database prior to overwriting it.


The Backup utility now moves the backup file to the specified backup path rather than copying it. This prevents a build-up of backup files in the C:\RWD\Backup\ folder on the server when RWDBack is set up to run as a scheduled task.


RWDBack now utilizes 7zip backup libraries rather than winzip. This change allows for larger databases to be backed up. The old RWDBack could not create a successful backup when the sql database backup size exceeded 4gb.


RWDBack is now able to back up and restore Report Favorites and Report Security. The report favorites restore is not a true restore, as it will not overwrite existing favorites, but rather it merges contained in the backup with existing favorites. This tool is intended to assist with server migrations.


The Backup Utility (RWDBack) now stores a separate set of settings for standard backups and for scheduled backups. Scheduled Tasks are now created by clicking on the new "Create Task" button.
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